Hope, or Something Like That

by Sock in Human Form

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Mary M.
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Mary M. Calen, These 4 songs are among my very favorites. You need to play them for an audience more often! Favorite track: The People That I Love.
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Thanks to Adam, Grace, KC, Alex, Indigo and Chloe.
You're the reason I wrote these songs.


released November 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Sock in Human Form Hutchinson, Minnesota

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Track Name: The People That Love Me
The friends I have are good friends, and maybe I'll have enough soon. Maybe I'll stop getting drunk alone in my bedroom. Sometimes it gets hard, even though my life is easy, but I'll learn to stop hating the people who love me.

Thanks for telling me the things that are hard to hear, like the end of the world I hate is almost here, and the things we find in the ashes will be better. When it starts to fall apart we'll have each other.
Track Name: The People That I Love
Should I be angry? Because I am. Should I care? Because I do. Should I be hopeless? Because I just don't think I can anymore. I can't go giving up on you.

Why are all of the people that I love always so unhappy?

Where is god when you need him? Guess I'm my own messiah now. Why does it seem like nothing I do changes anything? Well I guess it's probably my own fault.

Why are all of the people that I love always so unhappy? Why does it seem like no matter what I do I can't change anything?

I'll keep telling you that things are getting better even when I don't believe that myself.
Track Name: Hope, or Something Like That
I know I shouldn't feel this way. I'm just some stupid kid. I shouldn't have time to be so bored, but nothing changes it. I'm still trying to try to try no matter how much I want to die. This is just what being human's like and I try not to wonder why.

Sometimes I still feel so hopeless, but I tell myself it'll be okay. No matter what happens everything's subject to change. So come sing me to sleep tonight, and I'll pretend to be alright. You can tell me you feel just the same.

I'll do my best to live like there's no reason not to. I'll do my best to live as if I really want. I'll do my best to give this world all I've got. I'll try to be the best I can, and I'm sorry if I'm not.
Track Name: Please Don't Go
Seafoam silence, please don't go. Tell me a story. Tell me everything you know. Tell me I'll see you out on the road. I'll keep on driving, and I'll see you below.

I can't wait to see you.

Wishful window, stay with me. Fall in to your mental ability. Weekends come and weekends leave, but all we know is our memories.

It's been great to see you. I can't wait to see you again.

Seafoam silence please don't go.